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Contraceprion and Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Getting Tested and Clinics

Click here for a free online STI testing kit.

These kits are now available to those aged 25 and over who have no symptoms (if you have any symptoms please contact us on 0300 124 0102 or 0800 318 908 to arrange coming into your local clinic.)

You can order an online test to test for:  

If you're worried, the best time to get a test is at least 2 weeks after you have put yourself at risk (this is the time in which most infections can be detected). 

What do you need to test? 
Men: urine sample and a 'finger prick' sample of blood. 

Women: self-taken vaginal swab and a 'finger prick' sample of blood. 

How will I get my results?* 

Your samples will be sent to the laboratory to be tested. Results can be expected within 14 working days. 

Results can be sent via:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Your GP**

*NB: Written copies of test results can not be provided, for more information please click here.

** Sometimes after a number of attempts are made to contact patients and we can't get through (for example, a phone number has been disconnected or changed). This would only occur if you test positive, need treatment and we're unable to get through to you.