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Getting Tested and Clinics 

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection passed on through unprotected sexual contact and intercourse. 

It can be spread in the following ways:

  • unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • sharing sex toys
  • genital to genital contact - Chlamydia is spread via infected genital fluids so you could be at risk even if there was no penetration, ejaculation or orgasm. 

What are the symptoms?

This is the most common STI and can have no symptoms. It is most common in men and women under 25 and can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women and infertility for both sexes.

Symptoms can include:

  • pain when urinating
  • discharge from the vagina. penis or rectum (back passage)
  • women may experience stomach pains, bleeding during or after sex and bleeding in between periods
  • men may experience pain and swelling in the testicles

How is it tested? 

The test to find out if you have Chlamydia is a simple urine test or a swab of the affected area.

If you're worried, the best time to get a test is 2 weeks after you have put yourself at risk (this is the time in which most infections can be detected).

What is the treatment?

Treatment is one dose of antibiotics. 

If you have Chlamydia your partner should also be treated.