If you think you may be pregnant, you can carry out a pregnancy test from the first day of a missed period.

Tests that are done earlier than this may not be accurate. 

If you don’t have regular periods or do not know when your period is due, the earliest time to do a test is three weeks (21 days) from the last time that you had unprotected sex.

Pregnancy tests are available free from all our sexual health clinics and some doctors surgeries. You can also buy a test from chemists or supermarkets but it’s better to get a test done by a professional health worker to make sure it is done properly.

Termination (abortion)

If you are pregnant and are unsure as to whether you wish to continue with the pregnancy you can visit Leicester Sexual Health or your GP who can discuss this further with you.  

If you have a positive home test and know that you do not want to continue with the pregnancy you can refer yourself for a termination.

There are two options for self-referral:

For an appointment with University Hospitals of Leicester please call Tel: 0116 258 5939 or 07867528791, leave a message with your details and a nurse will call you back. 

For an appointment with British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) please call Tel: 03457 30 40 30

If you have any unusual pelvic pain or bleeding before any appointment, please contact your GP as this needs to be checked when you are pregnant. 

The earlier you can have a termination the more options you will have about the type of abortion you can have. For an abortion/termination to be legal, you must be less than 24 weeks pregnant and two doctors must give their consent.

If you’re under 16 and two doctors agree to your request for an abortion, you can consent without your parents’ involvement, if the doctor feels you understand the advice and the implications of the operation. However they will strongly encourage you to talk to your parents or an adult you trust.

BPAS also offer lots of information and support with abortion and pregnancy. 

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